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Testimonials and Transition

"I knew the moment I stepped into the nursery on the open day that it was the right place for my children. The nursery has a bright, warm and busy atmosphere. There are so many different activities for the children to do. The staff are amazing - so kind, attentive and smiley. Both of my children used to emerge at the end of the day happy and energised - I could tell they’d had fun and stimulating days. The nursery is also a great gentle introduction to the rhythms of school life. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Lovel End Nursery". 


"Both of my children went to Lovel End Nursery and loved it.  Initially my daughter was so shy she wouldn't speak to anyone, teacher or pupil!  The team all helped her overcome her shyness with lots of kindness and encouragement.  Many happy memories of picking up happy children from their days at Nursery".


"My son has had a wonderful time, he has become a new person and most importantly a confident little boy.  Thank you for being so supportive and encouraging, we have so many wonderful things to say about Lovel End Nursery".

"Thank you for making my child's time at Lovel End Nursery so special".

"I cannot express in words how incredibly grateful I am to you for looking after our son so well, he had loved his time at Nursery and that is down to the amazing teachers.  The support you have given to us as a family has been above and beyond what could have ever been expected".

"Thank you for giving my child such a wonderful start, he will always remember the fun he had with you and will miss you very much".

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